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Are you Ready for a New Adventure?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Artwork by Cordi Neckermann

When I started this blog a year ago, I was telling you all about my superpowers, which is the stuff that makes me happy without fail. Way back then, I had two superpowers; yoga and dance. As the unexpected arrival of the pandemic has shown us, it’s always good to have a passion to fall back on when everything else falls apart. An activity we love doing will inevitably cause happiness and the ability to make ourselves happy is definitely a superpower.

Another One!

Turns out I not only have two superpowers, but actually three. My third superpower is drawing. It’s been there as long as I can remember, but it was only recently that I realised it is actually the one hobby that I turn to the most for comfort. While others might reach for a journal to record their thoughts and emotions, I reach for my sketchbook to be express my creativity instead.

The Power of Drawing

Drawing an object or a scene can be similar to meditation. Taking in every detail and transferring it to the page brings my focus into the here and now and creates such a beautiful feeling of flow in which I loose all sense of time. But the real joy when it comes to drawing is the sense of creation and invention. I often use my sketchbook to create characters and reinvent my world, capturing things that I can’t catch with a camera.

Sketchbook Adventures

Like dancing is exercise for the body, for me, drawing is exercise for the soul. Drawing and doodling in my sketchbook is not at all like setting out to create a big piece of art. It is more like going on an adventure, exploring and reinventing the world around me. Creating and doing stands at the centre of sketchbook art, rather than producing that one perfect piece.

Motivate to Create

Having a hobby might seem old fashioned these days, where everyone is engrossed in their phones and other people's lives every free minute. But I believe creating is better than scrolling. Whipping out my sketchbook and pen instead instead of my phone definitely makes me far happier. Even though lots of people claim they can’t even draw a straight line, I’m convinced that everyone can learn how to draw. If you can walk, you can dance, if you can can talk, you can sing, therefore it stands to reason that if you can write, you can draw.

Small Bursts of Inspiration

As with many other things, learning how to draw is best done in small steps. That’s how I learned to draw and fell in love with it. I’m super thrilled to be given the opportunity by Skillshare to share my version of learning how to draw with you in my Class Start your Sketchbook Adventures - Basic drawing skills for beginners (coming out February 28th, 2022). Drawing and keeping a sketchbook is a wonderful diverse hobby that can be adapted to every interest and most of all, provides you a place to be your true and uncensored self.

Creativity Rocks! So follow me on Instagram to be the first to know when my class launches on Skillshare. For small bursts of inspiration check out my YouTube channel CordiCreativity.

Find your creativity and come and join me!

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