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How mindset coach Kajal Kumar can help you uncover your superpowers

I love inspirational stories especially of people who were able to change their own stories, lifestyle and habits to live their dream life. What all of my favourite stories have in common is that the change never happened overnight and that lasting change never happens without doing the work.

I got to sit down with the wonderful Kajal Kumar, a Mindset coach and mental health specialist and dig a little deeper into what it takes to bring around a major mindset shift. Kajal specialises in helping women to turn struggle into successes with a bespoke toolkit and rock-solid mindset. In short, she will help you uncover your superpowers.

Finding the blocks and breaking through

We all live a different story and have individual obstacles and blocks that may keep us from being the woman we truly want to be. A lack of self-confidence, self-worth, feeling like an imposter and self-belief can stand in the way of living to our full potential with all our superpowers working for us. Discovering these blocks and breaking through them is what Kajal initiates in her 90-minute breakthrough sessions. She gently guides you through the story that caused the blocks in the first place and provides tools and support to change your old story into a new and empowering ones.

Setting clear goals

Goal setting is a refined process that needs attention and cares like a beautiful flower. Having a clear goal supported by a solid vision and mission is key to a successful mindset shift. “When we choose a certain goal there are things we say a clear yes to and on the other hand, there are things that we say a clear no to” Kajal explained. Being crystal clear about what our goals and intentions are going forward is the fuel to changing and rewriting our story for the future. In order to stick to the path that leads us to these goals, it is helpful to have an accountability partner to help climb the steps all the way to the end. In her coaching program, Kajal provides this support to make sure you will follow through with all the steps and get started on living the life of your dreams.

The magic of establishing a routine

We, humans, are creatures of habit and changing these habits is where most of the work lies when creating a shift in our mindset. Kajal explained to me that establishing good habits is very individual to every client. While one person enjoys journaling in the morning and keeping a gratitude diary it can be the completely wrong approach for another. In her program, Kajal will help you build the perfect routine and time management for you to pave your path to success and stick with it.

How Dance Fitness and Yoga can help you on your way to success

This was of course my favourite question to have answered by a seasoned specialist like Kajal. How can I help the growth process of amazing women with my dance fitness and yoga classes? Kajal threw some light on this by emphasising that there is a strong connection between our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. All three of these elements work together to create a lasting shift in mindset.

Confidence is supported by good posture and this is where dance fitness comes in handy. Participating in a dance fitness class you will naturally assume an attentive posture as you follow along and with that, all the muscles involved in creating an upright posture are strengthened. The confidence which is grown by breaking through blocks in your coaching sessions is further fed and supported by moving your body and striking powerful poses.

In Yoga moving slowly and with full awareness creates a deeper connection to your body. When your movement slows down so does your breath pattern and the rapid-fire thoughts in your head. Creating more distance from your negative thoughts and being more aware of negative self-talk helps to uncover unhelpful patterns and with Kajal’s help, you can change them to a rock-solid mindset wired for success.

If you feel like you need some more clarity around your goals and how to reach you can book a complimentary clarity call with Kajal here 07 58 23 76 95 8 or visit her website for more information.

For a week of FREE yoga and dance fitness class to support your journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle sign up here!

Be a superhero for yourself and breakthrough all the blocks that hold you back!

YOU matter and YOU deserve to feel all the love and happiness!



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