How I got my Superpowers

Updated: Apr 1

I believe that every human being has access to endless motivations, inspiration, and positivity through their very own superpowers. We all have something that we really love doing. I mean really looooove doing. Something that lights us up, with passion. It’s something different for everyone but it is always powered by the same thing and that is LOVE. Doing something we love always boosts our energy level.

Unfortunately, it works the other way as well if we feel stuck doing something that we absolutely don’t love we start feeling drained, dull, and tend to slip into a negative loop of thoughts.

Not cool if you ask me. Superpowers need to be activated!

This sounds pretty easy but sometimes it gets tricky. We get influenced by family, friends, or the media in our choices even without us noticing it. It’s always worth asking yourself: Do I really love doing this? Do I love it or is it something my parents expected of me? Am I making myself happy by doing this or does it make someone else happy? Am I doing it to be loved? I can tell you if any of these questions cause you to say: “wait a minute!”, there is a good chance you will be drained of energy doing it instead of motivated and inspired.

I consider it a superpower to be able to get 100% clear on what I love doing and what I don’t love doing. Obviously we all have to do things here and there that we don’t love, like taxes, dishes cleaning, and the toilet but it still helps a lot to just be clear on our emotions about any action we take. It is not only helpful for ourselves but also for others. Who knows maybe something you hate doing is somebody else’s joy. Calling the dreaded stuff out and creating a little incentive to treat yourself can be a game-changer and motivator.

I have two things I turn to when I need to activate my superpowers:

Number 1: YOGA

The practice of yoga has taught me how to think much more clearly and be more aware of what those things are that I really truly love doing without any outside influence. It helps me catch and navigate my thoughts and feeling, especially the unhelpful ones. You know, all that stuff the little devil on your shoulder comes up with.

Over time I have learned to wield my superpower and pat that little devil on the head, thank him for his input, and then turn my attention over to the little angel sitting on the other shoulder who motivates and inspires me. I guess you could say that practicing yoga gave me the superpower to find my way back to a positive, motivated, and inspired state to follow the trail of doing things that I love. This is one half of my Cordi Power :-)

I am convinced that this can work for everyone and that the world can be a better place if we all would spend a little more time doing what we love, start connecting with our deepest desires and follow our dreams. I made it my mission to teach yoga in it’s most basic form to make it more than easy to tap into a state where we can fully love and accept ourselves and see clearly. And guess what? I absolutely love doing this.


The other half of my superpowers is dance. Dancing is the one thing in the world that will always cheer me up, make me feel good, and put a smile on my face. It is my little doorway to paradise. I am helplessly in love with all forms of dance and if you use the word dance in a conversation with me you will have my undivided attention.

No matter what state I’m in dancing always fills me with positive energy. I could probably write a whole book on the positive effects of dance but that is not the point here. The point is that we have to be conscious of what fills us with energy and what drains us and if we start feeling drained navigate our thoughts to a better place.

Humans come equipped with a cool tool that is called emotions and they never lie. All we have to do is trust them and act accordingly. The biggest problem is that we tend to not listen to these emotions for all kinds of reasons and I think that can make us sick especially if we get caught in a loop of negative emotions.

I absolutely know what that feels like. I’ve been in there countless times but I’m getting better at navigating negative and unhelpful emotions with the help of Yoga and Dance. My superpowers.

It’s like training a muscle. The more I practice directing my attention away from unhelpful thoughts to the things I love for energy and joy, the more natural and easy it gets.

Who knows maybe your superpower is Dance and Yoga as well. I would love to dance/yoga with you :-)

Here is the link to my schedule and if you find this might be something that lights you up then let’s do it!

PS In case you were wondering. YES, I love Super Heroes and I’m a huge Marvel and Disney fan. The stories and characters are inspiring and motivating for me so I bring them into my life wherever and whenever I can.

PPS I’m also a huge Strictly Come Dancing fan. If you are one too we have to be friends!

Me many moons ago :-)

Last year Comi Con London. Always up for dressing up :-)

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