How I’m getting on with my new year’s resolutions

Updated: Apr 1

We almost made it through January. How is it going with your new years’s resolutions? The first thing I’ve learned is that I have to see mine in front of me every day or they will disappear between my to-do lists and other clutter in my head. So instead of burring them in some notes app in my phone I made a nice big sign and pinned it to my board close to my desk. Now all I need to do is look up and boom there they are.

New Year’s Resolutions 2021

  1. Preserve Energy

  2. Have more Faith

  3. Have more Fun

My idea was to work them into my every day life.It’s a really interesting process because I find I learn a little something about myself everyday.

So here is how it’s been going so far:

#1 Preserving my Energy

This is a really trick one I have to admit. For me there are two different types of energy that I need to household with:

  1. Physical energy: The energy I move my body with

  2. Mental energy: Concentrating and paying attention

While balancing the physical energy account is quite straight forward keeping tabs on the mental energy balance requires a bit more work. One thing is for sure though being low on energy in both departments has a devastating effect on my mood. I turn into a pretty grumpy and sad bear. Which is exactly what I’m trying to avoid this year.

Preserving physical energy

Our body is amazing and fascinating and does a million and one cool tings for us every day. I use most of my physical energy for teaching and training for my dance fitness and yoga classes. Learning new choreography and putting together new yoga sequences I’m pretty much a sweaty mess every day of the week. The best way to recharge from that for me is to plan in at least half an hour (in one piece) each day to be off my feet in a horizontal position, NOT sitting but lying down flat. This is in addition to sleeping at night of course. It sounds pretty simple but if you have a family to take care of you know that there is always someone who needs something. Especially now with everyone being stuck at home again. This is were my beautiful stubbornness comes in handy. I made a strict habit out of my “horizontal time”, every day and what do you know all of a sudden I had little cuddle bears joining me on the couch.

Preserving mental energy

Now this one is a bit more challenging I find. To begin with I had to figure out what zaps my mental energy the most. I set up a little experiment for myself. Over thr course of a few days I set a timer on my phone three times a day for midday, mid-afternoon and evening to remind myself to check in with my energy level. Obviously my energy level was always lowest in the evening but I noticed that there was a good and a bad kind of exhausted. The bad kind of exhausted usually happened when I felt like I hadn’t really accomplished or finished anything, didn’t really get ahead on my to do list. The good kind of exhausted happened when I felt like I made real progress, ticked off many items on my to-do list or finished a project.

So the result of my little experiment was that I need to be more aware of what exactly I spend my time with and appreciate the little steps as well as the big ones to feel the good kind of exhausted. So here is what I did:

I kept the alarms on my phone and whenever they went off I made a quick list of at least five things that I had done so far that day. All tasks counts, job, household and personal stuff. Now I can tell you we mum’s do more before breakfast than some people thought the entire day that’s for sure. Looking at all the checked off tasks written down on paper felt damn good. It lifted my mood and gave me a little extra energy boost.

Overall I keep reminding myself everyday that I’m human and not a robot. My energy is limited and I can not endlessly run like a computer every single day, seven days a week. I can’t just plug a power cord in to recharge I need to dedicate time to recharge. I sprinkle my day with things I look forward to. Like my coffee break or spending 10 minutes doodling in my sketchbook. Always making sure I add little pockets of time filled with doing something I love. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes. Tony Robbins said:

“If You Don't Have 10 Minutes You Don't Have a Life”

#2 Have more Faith

Let’s be honest, a lot of s*** is going down a the moment and believing that things will turn around and will be fine in the end is a real challenge. For the sake of staying positive I decided to focus on the little wins that happen every day. I alone can’t change the world or what happens in it. Stop other people from hating or stop this virus. What I can do is work on keeping up the positive vibes hoping they will catch on. It certainly works with my family. It only takes one of us to be in a good mood to turn all of us around. Sometimes a little venting is necessary before this transformation can happen though and that’s more than ok. Letting out all the frustration makes space for the good vibes to come in. I find just listening is the best way to be of help when one of the boys is in a teenage-y mood. They don’t look for solutions or advice all they need is to rant and ramble on about whatever it is that bothers them. Just blasting it out of their system. After that they will gladly sit down to dinner and high five each other because the pizza mum made is the best ever.

#3 Have more fun

I though this one would be the easiest for me but boy was I wrong. I did hit some major blockages which I never thought would come up for me. There are things that are fun and there are things that are supposed to be fun. I’m a grown up ( so I thought ) and grown ups do grown up fun things like reading. Although I love reading, turns out it’s not always the most fun option.

The other day I plopped down on my new bean bag chair with the best intentions to treat myself to half an hour of reading my book. Something fun for me to do, right? Ahhhhhm, even though I love that book at that very moment reading it wasn’t really my definition of fun. My grown up voice immediately pipped up, “that’s what grown ups do, they read for fun. Stop being difficult”. No, my new year’s resolution was to have more fun, not do stuff that is only considered fun. So I put the book aside to do a little more thinking. We are going for 100%, pure and turning-my-eyes-into-stars fun. So what would be fun right now? Maybe doing something completely different. Trying something completely new I thought? “Do or do not there is not try” that’s it Yoda! Ok, so what could I do? I only had about 10 minutes left so I reached for one of my son’s comics which was the closest thing around me and just started reading that instead. And guess what? I loved it. I let my deeply buried comic nerd come out and it felt great. I haven’t read a comic for years even though our house is full of them. Mental note, doing something that is completely unusual and new is loads of fun. Sometimes randomness is the answer to more fun.

In case I got you fired up and you feel like doing something completely new and random. Here is a suggestion. How about dancing? How about Bollywood dancing? This might be super random for some of you, so even better.

Give it a go!

You can sign up here for a week of FREE Bollywood dance fitness classes.

No previous dance experience required.

All you need is Zoom, and be ready to do something NEW!

Come on, it’ll be fun! Can’t wait to dance with you soon!


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