How I Tackled the Fear Ninja

Updated: 3 days ago

© Copyright 2020 Artwork by Cordi Neckermann

Fear is one of the strongest emotions known to mankind. I say strongest because it has the capability and capacity to render the human mind numb. While there is a strong emotional connection, fear is also a funny little thingamajig. At times we are not even aware that we are acting out of fear. It’s an invisible force, like a Ninja attacking out of the shadows and rendering us powerless and small when we need to be strong.

I’m sure this has happened to you.

It is only AFTER a heated argument with someone that you find yourself thinking about all the brave and smart comebacks you could have come up with.

And BEFORE an important conversation, you find yourself rehearsing the important points and playing them out in your mind with the appropriate replies and responses to make you sound right.

Change triggers fear

Fear generally pops up when there is a lot of change in my life. Anything that was good before and then changes can appear scary. Anything unknown like the future can give me the shivers even though I know that time won’t ever stop just for me.

The first step for me to overcome this fear of sharing my creations was to make it visible. That’s right, drag the fear Ninjas out of the shadows. Fully recognizing they were there and not trying to dodge them was a huge step for me. Because guess what? They will come back even louder and stronger if they are ignored. Especially when the fear is not directly related to what we are experiencing but to what we have experienced already. Uncovering these old stories and patterns is a crazy ride but it is interesting to see how the past comes haunting and as soon as you pay attention to it and question it the story and fear weakens or even fully disappear.

One of the worst aspects of fear is that it can hold us back from doing things. I’m really good at coming up with all kinds of excuses why I can’t do or try something. Most of the time these are things that have to do with creativity. Like writing or creating art -- the things that reveal something about myself. When I say reveal I don’t mean a secret fact but something sitting even deeper, in the most authentic part of me.

Sharing something personal -- like this blog -- is really scary for me. I had to activate some serious superpowers. That’s why I am 100% sure that we all have these superpowers to overcome fear. If a chicken like me can do it then everyone else can too :-)