How to Book a Class When You Have Purchased a 10 Class Bundle with me

Updated: Apr 1

Here is a step by step guide on how to book a class with me when you have purchased a

10 Class Bundle.

  1. Start on home

  2. Click on the words Log In in the upper right-hand corner

  3. In the login window again click on the words log in

4. You will be taken to the log in window you see below. Choose the same method as you did to sign up when you paid for the 10 Class Bundle.

5. You can tell that your logged-in when your name appears in the upper right corner as you see below in the area with the red star.

6. Now let's book a class. Click on the Book online button and you will be taken to the booking area. Here you can scroll down and find the class you would like to book.

7. Click on the Book Now button lined up with the class you would like to book and you will be taken to the online schedule as seen below

8. Find the date you would like to join the class and click on the time. In the example above you can choose between 6:00 pm and 1:00 pm.

9. Once you have selected and clicked on a time you will find more information about your class and 10 Class Bundle on the box on the right-hand side. You will be able to see how many sessions you have left and when your 10 Class Bundle expires. Now click on the Next button.

You are almost there!

10. Double-check your details. Especially the email address since the link to join the class will be sent to this address. Congratulations you are done!

All you have to do is hit the Book It button and...

Here is your booking confirmation. If you like you can add your session straight to your Calendar.

Reschedule and Cancel your classes

After you've booked you can reschedule and cancel your classes through the website.

1. Log in as explained above and click on the downward-facing arrow next to your name on the right-hand corner of the screen.

You will find several options to choose from. For canceling and rescheduling classes click on My Bookings

2. Under Upcoming you have the option to click on reschedule and cancel your session. You can also join a session directly from this space by clicking on Join Zoom meeting on left side.

Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions or problems with booking.

I am happy to help!

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