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How to fall in LOVE with exercising

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

© Copyright 2021 Artwork by Cordi Neckermann

We all know that we should exercise regularly, but do we actually do it? Nope! And why? Because…. well, if you're anything like me, a master at finding excuses to get out of things I don’t like doing, then you can immediately list at least 20 reasons why you can’t maintain a regular exercise routine. The truth is, there's only one real reason and that is because you don’t love it... am I right? We lovely humans aren’t all that complicated; we are drawn to things we like and push away things that we don’t like. Doing strenuous exercise after work, getting up at 5:00 am to squeeze in some time at the gym or go for a run, or getting yelled at in some boot camp-style training doesn’t sound like much fun to me either!

You'd better believe you're amazing!

So what can we do? Go for a jog in the park with your headphones on? Or join some app with recorded classes because it’s cheap and easy? Cheap and easy should not be the answer when it comes to you and your health. YOU are a human being, with a human body that is absolutely amazing. Yes, it is. The way our body works for us is nothing short of jaw dropping and it deserves to be treated with only the best. YOU deserve only the best. Your body, your mind and most imprtantly, your heart. LOVE is the secret ingredient. In order to keep up a regular exercise routine, we need to fall in love (again), not only with ourselves, but our ways of exercising.

You have permission to feel good

Moving your body in a way that makes you feel good and puts a smile on your face is the ultimate mood booster. Allow yourself to feel good and who knows, maybe it will rub off on the people around you and create some extra good vibes. Trust that you will always come back to something that you love. Falling in love with exercising is the first step to an all-round healthier lifestyle and I want to share with you the top five things that helped me to go from no-energy couch potato to high-energy-firecraker also known as pocket-rocket!

1. Be curious

There are a million options out there to get moving. Not fancying the treadmill in the gym? Don’t like being in a crowded class? Music not your thing or you're not keen on being outside? NO PROBLEM! There's no need to give up on exercising all together as knowing what you don’t like, means you're already halfway there. All you now need to do is be curious about finding out what you do like and most of all, be super honest with yourself. Don’t go to the latest fitness craze class just because somebody said you should. Go because you are curious and be brutally honest about how it makes you feel. Sometimes extra motivation can do the trick, but sometimes it’s just not for you and that’s ok. There are so many more options to try out. Stay curious!

2. Find an instructor you like

For me, that was the most important part. Encouragement and motivation is key, especially for a beginner. Knowing that my instructor cares about my progress and offers me answers to all my questions,was what got me hooked on my exercise routine of dance fitness and yoga. You deserve to be listened to and valued as a participant and if you don't have that experience, then the class may not be for you. Connecting with participants and helping them succeed in their exercise journey is what made me want to become a yoga teacher and dance fitness instructor. My participants deserve only the best, and so do you.

3. Find your tribe

That being said, it doesn’t only come down to the instructor, but also to the people you are exercising with. Maybe you like to exercise as a lone wolf, but a lovely, supportive exercise community around you can help you keep the momentum going. Even if it's just exchanging smiles. Not feeling like you are alone can be a huge motivator in itself. Feeling uncomfortable in a class or gym should not happen; you deserve to be there and also to love being there. So, if the chemistry between you and the people exercising with you isn’t right, why not try something else? Perhaps try the same / similar class, but online instead of face to face? Use a guest pass for a different gym and give their classes a go? Or maybe a take a different approach all together. Again, stay curious!

4. Make it easy for yourself

We all have different preferences and that is fantastic! If we all liked the same thing, there would be no variety and we would end up with only one class with one instructor, never being able to secure a place or having to travel all the way across town to get there. Sometimes the right answer is closer than you think. Does your preferred instructor offer online classes in the event you can’t make to the face to face class? Is there a similar class closer to you or your work? Can you alternate between different classes according to your schedule? Always ask yourself what works best for YOU and your schedule. Exercise has to be done regularly in order to be effective, but there is no rule that is has to be the same class every week. Mixing it up and adjusting to what you need is what matters. If you already know you have a stressful week ahead, why not do some yoga? GIven the time of year, it's now starting to get cold outside and you may need a mood booster to warm you up, so why not try a dance fitness class to raise your heart rate and get your blood pumping?.

5. Know your level

This can be a really tricky one, but from my own personal experience, I can tell you that keeping an eye on what you can do and understanding what you can’t do and don't particularly enjoy doing, is the key to succecss in choosing an exercise routine. I found myself in plenty of dance classes that had me struggling more than enjoying myself and I ended up dreaded going to class because of it. Taking it back to basics and focusing on the enjoyment factor, rather than the technical aspects and the complexity, made me happy and resulted in me attending regularly which in turn, saw a natural progression to the next level and beyond. Knowing your own ability and understanding what you enjoy is worth more than reaching a certain level.

That being said (and I have to sneak this in here!), this is one reason why I love dance fitness so much. It makes room for and welcomes everyone. All abilities, all shapes and all sizes. There is no right or wrong, just smiles, sweat and feeling like you're part of an awesome dance party!

YOU deserve only the best

I can only say this again and again. When it comes to picking the right exercise routine for you, put yourself first. Be selective, be constructively critical, be curious, and don’t settle for what everyone else is doing or for what social media is telling you is the latest trend. Find something you truly love, do it with all your heart and it will make you happy. Exercise is meant to make you feel energised, not sad, lonely, exhausted or burnt out.

If I've sparked your curiosity and you would like to try a beginner yoga class or join a dance fitness class you can Book a FREE trial class here!

I would love to both meet you and exercise with you and you have the option to book your classes separately so you can try out different formats with no committment. No subscription is required and there is no pre-recorded material in my online classes; I am live every time, here for you, ready to answer all your questions and keep you motivated and laughing (Yes, laughing!!!) Exercise is supposed to be FUN, Especially in my yoga classes!

See you soon,


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