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How to feel more confident and happy in your body!

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

© Copyright 2021 Artwork by Cordi Neckermann

Confidence is a funny thing. It is super handy to have but it’s not always clear how exactly to get it. Raising Confidence and self esteem is a different journey for each and every one of us. Feeling more confident is closely tied to feeling like yourself and comfortable in the skin you are in. This is a path of constant discovery and needs to be nurtured and supported. Here is my story about how I discovered my trigger to confidence and how I nurture it. Hopefully it will inspire you to find and nurture your confidence as well.

As far as I can remember back I‘ve always been dancing. I believe dancing is natural to us humans and a form of language that we all speak fluently. But somehow at some point we all decided that it we leave it to only professionals and rather watch them do it than do it ourselves. I must have decided early on that nobody can shut me up because I’m still dancing loudly. I definitely got my confidence from dancing and I believe it is largely through what it does to your posture.

Discovering the self confidence basics

It started in school when I realised that there are slight differences between how I show up in front of my class and teachers. My first experience of presenting something to my class was reciting a poem. It was a true nightmare for me because talking in front of people was not something I enjoyed. I quickly learned that if I imagined I was going up to the front to dance rather than to speak something happened. It made me feel strong, free and I was standing tall.

Everyone was listening and it really didn’t matter if all the words to the poem were correct. It was my posture that mattered. I remember I forgot an entire line to a poem once and my teacher still gave me the full grade ;-)

Good posture helped me out pretty much all my life from my first job interview to countless presentations and other social situation. It gave me the confidence to show up as my full self even though I might not know all the answers and that opens up a whole other level of communications with others. People were more likely to listen to me and take me seriously. I have to admit sometimes it was a fake it till you make it situation.

There are two ways to good posture. Both are equally important and effective.

Improve confidence and posture from the INSIDE OUT

When we listen to something we are interested in or to someone we are interested in we are alert mentally and physically. We perk our ears. Sit up straight and are present with mind and body. Our body reacts to our mental state of alertness.

No football player celebrates a goal with a hunched back. They usually lift their arms, chest and head in celebration. So doing more things we love and are excited about especially when it comes to choosing our workout will help improve your posture from the inside out and boost your confidence. Your whole body is filled with energy when you are happy to pay attention and get started.

When we dance we speak with our body and an upright position is the starting point of a good conversation. No matter if we just dance on our own or follow along in a class the alignment happens from the inside out creating good posture and with it the confidence to move.

Improve confidence and posture from the OUTSIDE IN

Staying in an upright position and maintaining good posture involves several muscles in our body. They work against the force of gravity which is pulling us down. One of the best way to work exactly these postural muscles and keeping them strong is through dancing. Dancing takes care of the strengthening as well as the coordination of the muscles to work together to create a well aligned body.

Maintaining an upright posture leaves almost no room for self doubt. Amy Cuddy would call it a power posing. The feeling of insecurity and lack of self confidence have less of chance to creep in when your body is in a strong pose. The feeling on the inside follows what the body replicates on the outside.

Boost your self confidence and posture with dance fitness

Dance fitness brings back this beautiful feeling of dancing for pleasure and doing it instead of just watching. You don’t have to be a pro and execute the moves perfectly or remember any choreography or come up with some with your own moves. It is just dancing for the pure joy and pleasure of dancing like we humans used to do when we were dancing around the fire in our caves.

There are many types of dance fitness out there and they are all amazing. I fell in love with Bollywood dance fitness. It is the perfect mixture of upbeat music and easy to follow movements. If you feel like trying out a little bit of dancing to improve your posture and confidence then come join me for a class. You can try my classes FREE for one week via Zoom.

I would love to dance with you and help you boost your confidence.

Dancing together is even more fun!

Can't wait to dance with you soon!


P.S. If you would like to find out more about type of dance fitness I teach visit

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