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How to get the most out of online yoga classes

© Copyright 2022 Artwork by Cordi Neckermann

Online yoga classes are still popular even without a pandemic. There is no travel time to and from class and most of the classes are available as recordings and can be taken whenever your schedule allows it. The only downside is that while you have all the benefits when it comes to time management you might be missing out on some of the benefits of the actual yoga practice.

Individual needs

While we lovely humans have many things in common, we all have the same skeleton, muscles and organs, there are also significant differences. One person has very tight hamstrings, someone else might have tight hip flexors or neck muscles. Yoga is the perfect tool to soften and stretch tight muscles and bring back flexibility.

But here is the big BUT!

Yoga has to be practiced with the correct alignment and technique to avoid injuries. In every yoga class you will hear your teacher give instructions on alignment. But because we all face different physical challenges you, as a class participant need to know how to make these alignment cues work for your body and individual needs.

Feeling the alignment

When practicing yoga without a teacher present it is quite difficult to figure out if the alignment in a pose is 100% correct. Most of the time good posture feels awkward and over extended because we are used to a more relaxed way of holding ourselves during the day. Knowing exactly what correct alignment feels like and how to safely move into and out of poses is difficult to learn in an online or group class. There isn’t enough time and opportunity for a yoga teacher to give individual corrections.

Taking the time and attention

The easiest way to learn the technique required to practice yoga safely online is to take a one-to-one with a yoga teacher by your side. In just a few private yoga lessons you can learn your individual alignment points that your body needs and avoid any short or longterm injuries. Knowing the corner stones of your individual yoga practice can multiply the benefits of you online yoga practice.

With a qualified teacher by your side you can learn the yoga that is perfect for YOU and how to safely challenge your body to get stronger and more flexible.

How to find a teacher in your area

If you already have a favourite yoga teacher in your area ask if they are available for a few private lessons or if they know of any student teachers who need teaching practice. It is always best to look for a teacher near you, so you can have the private lesson in the comfort of your own home.

I specialise in teaching one-to-one yoga classes in the London, Hampstead area.

If you would like to try a one-to-one class with me then send me an email here. I love working individually with clients so they can get the most benefits from a yoga practice.

Always stay safe on the mat!

Cordi x

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