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How to spend more quality time in your life

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

© Copyright 2021 Artwork by Cordi Neckermann

Time really is a funny thing. We all have it. We are all aware that it is very valuable but not all of us manage it as if it is our most valuable possession. Generally, when we realise that it runs out, we become more aware of how we spent it. Time often isn’t what it seems. Sometimes minutes feel like days and sometimes hours feel like minutes and in some cases, time seems to stand completely still. So why is it that we lovely humans have so much trouble finding enough time and spending it in a manner that satisfies us deeply.

The big rush

Bigger, faster, better! Sounds like a car advertisement, right? I sometimes feel like it is the title of the soundtrack to our modern life. Fast access, instant results and overnight success is key for anything from food to dating. It seems fashionable to be in a rush, texting on your phone while hurrying down the street with a cup of coffee in hand and walking the dog all at the same time. No wonder time seems to fly when we attempt to constantly multitask. And yes, I do mean attempt because the truth is the brain can’t multitask, at least when it comes to high-level brain functions. Breathing and reading is a yes, heart beating and surfing the internet also a yes but when it comes to more complex tasks the brain divides and conquers meaning it computes only one thing at a time. So, you can try all you want to multitask throughout your day but your brain will still only be processing one thing at a time and the prioritising is done more unconsciously than consciously.

The better option

You can try your luck with multitasking, but the better option is always managing your attention yourself. Attention comes in as a close second after time when looking at the most valuable assets of a human being. Time needs to be taken and full attention needs to be given, then life has a chance to be just a little less stressful and more satisfying. Both of these choices have to be made by you, the owner of a human brain. In our modern life style, time never seems to just come along. We need to actively take it to be able to pay more attention to loved ones, the boss, the co-worker or really anyone around us.

Giving our senses a chance

As humans we are generally equipped with five senses to help us make sense of the world around us. They are kind of an entertainment system in themselves feeding us all kinds of information. But how much of this information do we actually enjoy? Do we really taste the coffee when we hurry to work, talking on the phone? Do you really listen in the meeting when you check your messages? Ain’t nobody got time for that, right? Well, in order to feel a little more satisfied with how we spend our time we need to give our senses a chance. See, smell, taste, feel and listen to life a little better.

More quality-time

Taking more time to pay more attention to give our senses a chance to provide us with information might just be the key to have a more satisfying experience of our everyday life. Try to spend a little more quality time with life itself and really figure out what part of all the information coming in through sound, touch, smell, sight and taste is your favourite and makes you feel good. Feeling good is good. I think that is something we as humans can all agree on.

I hope my little rant inspired you to maybe pay more attention next time you go into multitasking mode and make the effort to take one task at a time, giving yourself the chance for a little more enjoyment. of the everyday. In case you need some more help with slowing down and focusing then pop into one of my yoga classes.

See you soon,


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