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How Yoga made me a funnier person

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

© Copyright 2021 Artwork by Cordi Neckermann

I love Yoga and it totally transformed my life. You probably have heard or read this a gazillion times but my story just might make you laugh. In my particular case practicing yoga has made me funnier. Not the stand up comedian type of funny but the can-laugh-about-myself kind of funny. I know yoga can seem a bit serious and solemn so you probably wonder how I found my inner funnies. I prefer to call it my 8th chakra. In yoga we refer to the seven Chakras which represent energy points in the body corresponding to different qualities. Humour wasn’t one of them so I decided to add it as my 8th chakra.

The Drama Queen Gene

I think the fact that I sprouted an 8th chakra is because I also have an extra drama queen gene. If there is one thing I excel at it is coming up with the worst outcome to a situation or blowing up a tiny mishap into a potentially life threatening scenario. I grudgingly admit that throwing a Oscar worthy tantrum when things don’t go as planned also comes with possessing this extra drama queen gene. The practice of yoga opened my 8th humour chakra and helped me control and actually enjoy my extra drama queen gene.

Finding the funnies

So here is how the magic happened. It all comes down to one very practical skills that I was able to add to my life-skills tool box through the practice of Yoga. Please do notice that I keep mentioning the PRACTICE of Yoga. It didn’t all happen by going to class once in a blue moon. It took me at least two years of going to classes regularly to feel the difference. Only practice makes progress.

Learning to watch the movie

The first big change that I noticed a few months into my Yoga journey was that I could hear myself think. It sound pretty simple but when I started doing yoga I was a new mum constantly sleep deprived and worried about getting things right with my new baby. I had no time for listening to myself or so I thought. Learning and practicing to slow down and paying attention to my thoughts helped me to be more conscious of what was going on in my mind not just on the mat but also during the rest of day. I could sit back and watch my thoughts without getting all caught up in them. Literally like watching a movie.

And this is were it got really funny. Being the drama queen that I am my thoughts were a hoot and a half to watch. Usually I would get all worked up and feel anxious and worried about all kinds of things but slowly I learned to just watch and step back seeing the humour in it all. Honestly, who needs Netflix when you have a Drama Queen Mind. Besides, Netflix wasn’t a thing back then. Yep, I’m that old.

Anyway, more often or not I had to laugh out loud at my own thoughts which helped me get rid of a lot of anxiety and worry. Learning how to watch and step back form my own thoughts certainly gave me the power to choose what thought to take seriously. All thoughts are precious and deserve to be heard but some of them are more helpful than others.

Before learning how to watch my thoughts I completely skipped the part of evaluating my thoughts so I was in a constant frenzy over whatever popped up in my mind. Now I’m certainly more relax not buying into all my drama and leaving the possibility open that things might just turn out the way they are supposed to or even better.

Being a little more chilled about what comes next

One thing I find particularly funny about my thoughts is how much they revolve around things turning out as planned. So much worry over things that haven’t even happened yet. I couldn’t help but find it funny. Most of the reasons for anxiety and stress were only in my head. Calling out these thoughts for what they are. Only pictures in on the screen of the mind helped me make space to embrace unexpected solutions. What if stuff turns out better than expected instead of worse?

I later on learned from one of my favourite authors and teachers Gabriella Bernstein that this is called surrendering to creative solutions. I like to call it being open to unexpected solutions, that has a little bit more sense of adventure. This really took off a huge weight of my shoulders and now almost 15 years later I still practice paying attention to my thoughts in order to weed them out. My tendency for drama still makes me laugh, it’s like my very own sitcom. I have become a big fan of not taking myself too seriously. Life is too short to spend it in fear and anxiety.

If you feel like you need a little more humour and lightheartedness in your life or also have a Drama Queen Gene then pop on over to and book a FREE trial class. I teach all my classes via Zoom and they are for absolute yoga beginners. In case you also feel like burning off some extra energy on the dance floor I also teach a dance fitness classes. Dancing is a moving meditation so before diving into yoga and meditation dance fitness is a great starting point to learn and practice how to stay focused. Especially if the idea of moving slowly and sitting still freaks you out.

We are all wonderfully different and that is the beauty of life.

Can’t wait to meet you,


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