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Updated: Jul 10

I believe the need to create is deeply embedded into our DNA. As cavemen and women, we had to create and invent to survive. We had to fashion tools, find ways to communicate with each other, keep ourselves fed, warm, sheltered and loved. Our basic needs haven’t really changed that much since then, but now, things are just a bit more complicated and fancy; apartments and houses instead of caves, texting or using emojis instead of speech, online shopping instead of hunting and gathering, Instagram and Canva instead of cave painting.

Power cut

Our creativity gets zapped by too much comfort and conformity, however we still have the basic need to create and express ourselves within us and it can’t be good to suppress that need. I don’t think any of our ancestors were worried if their cave painting, songs or dances were good enough or if they could increase their number of 'likes' or followers. They just went for it, putting their heart and soul into recording and celebrating life, telling their stories in simple, yet elegant ways, fulfilling the need to create and express themselves.

I love author Jean M. Auel’s description of the art process in the stone-age. She writes, “Art was as much in the activity as in the results. Works of art were not just the finished product, but the thought, the action, the process that created them.”

The process of creating is just as important as the result, if not more so. Nowadays, we tend to be very much outcome-oriented and tend to forget about the enjoyment that lies in the process. At some point, we humans must have decided that it was better to leave dancing, singing and creating art to people with special talents and now prefer to watch or buy, rather than do it ourselves. I believe this goes against human nature. We are meant to be creative and expressive in every possible way. If we were not born to create and invent, we would not have survived.

You have to tap into your creative power to turn something negative into something positive and to see the lesson learned, rather than the disaster unfolding. In order to embrace unexpected solutions rather than just focussing on the one thing we had in mind, we have to dance with all possible opportunities, be super flexible and spring into action. Why scroll on your phone looking at photos of other people's happy lives when you can create your own happy life? Sometimes it sits right next to you ;-) Why do we strive to look like someone else when our own uniqueness sparkles much brighter?

Motivation and Inspiration, the new power couple

Cave people were alot more primitive than we are today, but they were master survivors, tuning into their instincts and inner guide, otherwise we wouldn't be here today. Their survival power was channelling motivation and creativity in the right direction. In order to fully stand in our creative power, either to express ourselves through it or to create an outcome for a specific purpose, we must first of all feel inspired and motivated. One problem can sometimes be having enough motivation to continue, however it is inspiration that in fact drives us to get started with an idea or creative concept. Some people believe that inspiration is given to us by the Gods or some particular muse. I believe that inspiration sits inside all of us and all we have to do is choose to let it out and unleash it for the greater good. The idea that all forms of art are better left to experts is not a great foundation for unleashing our inner inspiration. When reconnecting to our creative power, we need to let go of any sense of perfection and reclaim the confidence in our own ability to create, learning to accept and love whatever comes out of us. By treasuring whatever we express on the page, how we show up on the dance floor, our vociferous singing in the shower or joyful whilstling on our way to work, rekindling our love with the creative process is key.

Connecting to my creative power is what got me through the numerous lockdowns and it is the only way I know how to navigate myself forward, dealing with the new social landscape and workplace. I hope this burst of passion has inspired you to love the hidden artist, dancer, singer or writer within you a little bit more and will encourage you to spend more quality time with that special part of you. Movement and meditation are my favourite tools to unleash my inspiration and spark my creativity. Want to experience this for yourself and get the creative juices flowing? All my classes are suitable for beginners, so simply click here to book a class!

Become a stronger, healthier YOU and make self-love and creativity your Superpower!



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