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What is Sketchbooking?

© Copyright 2022 Artwork by Cordi Neckermann

I know, I know. Sketchbooking isn’t really a word. As I write it here on my computer my spellcheck underlines it with angry red lines. However, it seems I’m not the only one using it. There are lots of others out there who describe creating art, for just the joy of it with the word sketchbooking.

Purpose of a Sketchbook

A sketchbook is the place where an artist records ideas for finished pieces. It is also a place to practice drawing from life or imagination before embarking on creating a piece of art. But not just fine artists use them. Illustrators, animator, game designer, interior designers you name it. Pretty much everyone in a creative profession keeps a sketchbook. There is even an amazing book series called Sketching from imagination which features only images of artists sketchbook. All the books in the series are super inspiring.

A Sketchbook is for everyone

Keeping a sketchbook is not just for the professional artists but for EVERYONE. The sketchbook for the artist is basically a playground and this sense of play is what the term sketchbooking really describes. Creating just for the sake of creating without any purpose.

“Now, wait a minute!” you might say. “That is called art journaling.”

And you are absolutely right. But the term journaling to me always implies that something is being recorded eg. my day, my feeling, a holiday etc.

Sketchbooking means just creating. No purpose, only for your eyes, because it’s FUN.

The magic of Sketchbooking

The only purpose of keeping a sketchbook for me is to spend some quality me-time creating whatever I feel like. Sometimes it’s practicing drawing skills and other times it’s just moving my hand across the page with a bush or colourful markers or trying out a new medium. The outcome is always a surprise and that is what I love about my sketchbooking habit. There is no pressure to create something that looks good. The process is the fun part. That’s where all the magic lies.

Finding inspiration

Yes, sometimes I cuddle up with a cup of coffee and some biscuits, open my sketchbook and have no idea what to draw or paint. The magic trick here is to just get started with whatever you have near you, like dipping a brush into your coffee and experimenting with that. Once the process is kickstarted inspiration usually follows.

But there are also tons of other places to get inspired. Sketchbooking, has become more and more popular in the context of mindfulness and self care. There is plenty of inspiration for sketchbook projects on YouTube and Skillshare and other learning platforms.

And guess what?

I have a YouTube channel and Skillshare classes! My sketchbooking habit has kept me sane during lockdown and I love sharing my little tips and trick with you. So do come visit me at CordiCreativity on YouTube for a little sketchbook adventure.

Let’s sketchbook together soon!


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