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When intuition takes over miracles happen

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Meet Fleur Estelle, a belly dance superhero!

© Copyright 2021 Artwork by Cordi Neckermann

Finally, I got to sit down and have a chat with one of the most amazing and inspiring people in my life, Belly Dancer and Teacher Fleur Estelle. When I was recovering from burnout, I found myself struggling with confidence and making connections. Finding my inner superhero was hard work, but I knew that I had to take action, find something I love doing and do it. After all, that is what makes us humans happy. And what’s the best way to find out if you love doing something? You've guessed it, going out and doing it! So, I plucked up all my courage and ventured out to my first Belly Dance class at the Fleur Estelle Belly Dance school.

Dancing magic

What followed can only be described as dancing magic. I immediately felt at home and before I knew it, I was dancing on stage at the Fleur Estelle Showcase, together with my new dance friends. Without this experience, I would never have had the courage to go on and become a Dance Fitness Instructor at BollyX. By providing the space to learn effortlessly without judgement and eventually perform, the Fleur Estelle dance school paved the way for me to live my dream. Needless to say, that Fleur and I were both looking at the screen in our zoom meeting through teary eyes when I finally got to tell her my story and say thank you for her inspiration and support.

Purpose and Passion

When a business is built on passion and purpose, it is bound to make a positive impact in the world and what Fleur has created with the Fleur Estelle Belly Dance School is the perfect example of this. Fleur describes her love for belly dance like 'a moth to a flame'. She was drawn to the music, the places it took her and most of all, the movement it embodies. So much so that she brought Belly Dance and Psychology together for her thesis at University. Following her intuition pushed Fleur towards teaching, performing and creating the Fleur Estelle Belly Dance School, inspiring others and bringing together a team of incredible belly dancers, who now both teach and perform with her.

Fall in love with your body

When I asked Fleur what teaching belly dance means to her, she told me that belly dancing had helped her through her recovery from a serious illness and had enabled her to fall in love with her body again. Teaching belly dance to her students, she wants to make this style of dance accessible for everyone and encourages all her participants to discover their own potential by celebrating their body. Re-establishing that crucial connection between mind and body means that everyone is able to realise what their own unique benefits of belly dance are, a little bit like finding your inner superhero ;-)

Setting the stage

Fleur doesn’t only bring inspiration, love and motivation to her students, she also gives them the opportunity to perform; either in the school showcase event or more permanently in her belly

dance troupe. Inspired by belly dance superstars, her troupe formed naturally out of students from Fleur’s school. It is Fleur and her troupe members' love of performing in a group that creates the magic on stage. Their performances are so energetic and mesmerising that the sparks fly all the way across the pond (via YouTube). One particular performance was spotted by Choreographer and Director Jamal Sims, who loved it so much that he invited Fleur and her amazing troop to perform in the magical Disney production of Aladdin with the infamous Will Smith!

“Belly dancing is by nature an inclusive art form, and in many ways being too rigid with definitions becomes very restrictive” - Fleur Estelle

When asking Fleur about her belly dancing style, we found our way back to talking about inclusiveness and individuality. She says: “Belly dancing is by nature an inclusive art form, and in many ways being too rigid with definitions becomes very restrictive.” I would go as far as saying that all dance is inclusive, it's purpose being to connect and unite, as opposed to separate and divide. I for one, can honestly say that having the privilege of being part of the Fleur Estelle Belly Dance School has connected me with some wonderful people, whilst showing me a path to connect deeper to myself and my inner superhero. In short, belly dance boosted (and continues to boot) my confidence, so I can live my dream of being a dance fitness instructor.

If you feel like dipping your toes into the belly dancing world, you can find the Fleur Estelle Belly Dance School classes online or in the Studio in London.

If you wish to add some extra sparkle to your next in person event, you can also book Fleur and her troupe of beautiful belly dancers here

Until next time,

Cordi x

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