Do you want to:

  • FEEL re-energized after your WORKOUT?

  • FORGET about your worries for 50 minutes?

  • FEEL motivated and inspired to get moving?

  • BURN some serious CALORIES?

In only 50 minutes you can burn up to 500 calories or more, raise your heart rate, and feel refreshed. 

Dance yourself fit and happy, hitting all the right spots, laugh and sweat at the same time. 

Give yourself permission to feel like a star and take some me-time to have some good fun. Get out of your head and into your body and leave your worries on the dancefloor. 

Dancing is more than just a good workout. It keeps your brain fit and can shift your mood from low vibes to high vibes in seconds.

Whatever level you are we will have a blast dancing together!

Book a FREE trial class and discover the power of dancing yourself fit and happy!

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🌟 NO previous dance experience required


🌟 NO tediously learning choreography


🌟 NO boring cardio workout


🌟 100% Sweat & Smile Guarantee


🌟 100% After-Workout-Glow-Guarantee 


🌟 100%  Addictive Workout

Are you struggling

to find the right kind

of workout?

Discover the Power of

Dancing yourself Happy, Healthy,

and Brain Fit!

The Word on the Street about BollyX with Cordi  is...


Namita V.

“BollyX is an amazingly perfect combo that brings my love for Bollywood, passion for dance, craze for fitness and interest in meeting like minded enthusiastic Bolly/Dance lovers all together in one single package!!! It’s such an extremely fun and energetic activity and a perfect getaway from the weekly routine of life! The instructor, Cordi, makes it all the more  fun by filling the place with her loving energy and enthusiasm. In love with BollyX :)”

Judeen S.

"Once you start BollyX, you will never stop! The music is infectious, the choreography is challenging and catchy and Cordi (the instructor) has me smiling in seconds. A full mind and body workout that is by far the most fun you will ever have in a fitness class.”

Maria M.

“Cordi is a joy to dance with! I love her energy, friendly nature and look forward to this dance workout every week.

The choreography is fun and the choice of songs are spot on!

Bolly X is a good mix of dance and fitness in one. I would highly recommend Cordi and BollyX!

What are you waiting for, dust off those dancing shoes and come join us!”

speech bubble.jpg

I even got John-Paul Flintoff

to rock out to some hot

Bollywood Beats!


At the moment all classes are taught on Zoom !


Dance & Chill Workshop

1.5 h Dance Fitness with 

Yoga-based cooldown

BollyX - The Bollywood Workout

50 Minutes High Impact Cardio

Dance Fitness

Yoga & Dance Classes

A gentle mix of Yoga and exploring

dance techniques

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