Become a stronger and healthier YOU!


A strong body and mind bring out the best of YOU! 

You feel like you need some me-time to fall in love with yourself again?

Join me for a Yoga or Dance Fitness class and start building your mental and physical strength to become the best version of yourself. 

And most importantly fall in love with the REAL YOU!

"I can barely wait for my workouts these days and it’s all thanks to you Cordi!  

Such a great way to let go of all the anxiety 

and dance like no one’s watching!"

- Jharnaa M.

"Cordi offers a safe and supportive environment to discover and explore yoga. She brings light and laughter to a discipline that can be intimidating and exclusive, 

especially for a beginner."

- Judeen S.

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Can't wait to meet YOU!

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All classes are LIVE on Zoom

NO recorded classes

NO Subscription