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Every Thursday 10:00 am London Time

My Happy Morning Yoga class is ideal for beginners. I teach a slow flow with very gentle backbends and no inversions. I like to call it Yoga without the acrobatics. 

The class is 60 minutes long and always includes a short meditation sequence in the end to ensure that you have a fabulous start into your day. I always teach my classes LIVE. You will never find a recording replacing me. Always ask lot's of questions. It is very important to me that you feel comfortable in my class and won't get injured.


If you would like to try my yoga class send an email here or you can book your Happy Morning Yoga class here.

I also teach one-to-one class online or in person in the London, Hampstead area (NW3). If you are interested in learning a bespoke yoga routine tailored to your needs click here to send an email.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Here is what some of my class participants say:

Francesca W.

‘As a total Yogi novice, I was not sure what to expect, but Cordi put me at ease from the beginning by creating a calm, relaxing atmosphere.


Her instructions are really clear and you can feel the progressions as you move through the class, but don’t feel like you are tying yourself in knots!


I especially enjoy the visualisation section and am quite happy to stay on my yoga mat for a good while before rejoining the outside world!


A very enthusiastic thumbs up from me and I would highly recommend it!

Judeen S.

Cordi offers a safe and supportive environment to discover and explore yoga. She brings light and laughter to a discipline that can be intimidating and exclusive, 

especially for a beginner.


She is detail-oriented, continually correcting positions, and encourages her students to work within their own boundaries.

Alexandra M.

Cordi explains everything really clearly, so that even if you're on zoom, you can be confident you're getting the most out of every position.  


Her teaching has not only improved my yoga, but also my posture generally.  


Her Happy Morning Yoga class is perfectly named as her sunny enthusiasm leaves you feeling optimistic about the day ahead. 

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