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Finding your superhero courage on the dance floor

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

© Copyright 2021 Artwork by Cordi Neckermann

You know it’s true and you don’t have to watch any celebrity dance shows for proof that learning how to dance can have a big impact. Having taught and supported many students over the years, I noticed that the biggest change always happens when they finally find their courage to trust in their own uniqueness and bring their personality and creativity to the dance floor.

Pluck up, muster up, gather up and summon up

Mustering up that kind of courage isn’t easy. Even though “finding” or “plucking it up” describes the process of becoming courageous as quite straight forward, it really isn’t. How to summon up courage is individual to each and every human. We all have our very own inner superhero inside us, waiting for a turn to shimmy on the dance floor. Dancing is a great way to unleash this inner superhero because it enables you to celebrate your uniqueness under the spotlight, which can be quite scary for some of us.

It wasn’t always that way

For some reason, dancing and singing have become activities and talents that we tend to leave to the professionals and would prefer to watch and listen, rather than participate. In this ever-changing digital world, it appears as though dancing has been removed from the list of activities we do naturally and has been replaced by scrolling, clicking and typing. It's no wonder then, that the idea of dancing causes a rising panic in some people! Moving to a rhythm has become a challenge and can seem unattainable. Most people who come to my dance fitness classes tell me “I can’t dance” or “I’m no good at it”, which turns out to be untrue and is only a self-limiting belief.

What does it take?

"If you can walk, you can dance; if you can talk, you can sing.” - African Proverb

Sounds easy enough, right? This beautiful African proverb is your permission slip, the confirmation that no special skills are required to dance and that you have the freedom to let go and express yourself. So then, what does it take to find the courage to 'dance like no-one is watching'?

“Mr. Duffy lived a short distance from his body.” - James Joyce

This line may be the key to why dancing is scarier for some people than others. “Living a short distance from his body” describes a character in one of James Joyce’s short stories in which he detaches himself from his feelings.

Dancing is the ability to express feelings through movement to the rhythm of music. With or without choreography and regardless of the complexity of the movement, to dance, you must first let go of any inhibitions and not be afraid of your feelings. Being this bold might be super scary, but I have seen incredible transformations from people over the years and gathering up the courage to take the first step is definitely worth the effort.

Dance fitness is the perfect format for enabling you to take your first step. You can dance without the pressure of having to get things “right” as every move is demonstrated by your instructor and is an invitation to dance. In my classes, I always provide my participants with alternatives so they can modify their moves to suit their own body and style and suggest ways to approach each song without feeling overwhelmed.

What does it take to get over your fears? In reality, there is only one thing that will do it and that is willingness. You have to be willing to drag the Fear Ninja out of the shadows and listen to your inner superhero. Being aware of that voice in your head that says 'I can’t', acknowledging it's presence but consciously saying 'No Thank You' and going ahead and doing the scary thing anyway. Overcoming your fear and realising “YES, I can dance” is a huge confidence booster. The confidence spills out into other areas of your life and the deeper connection you feel between body, mind and heart will give you a new appreciation of yourself. It's an amazing feeling when your own body surprises you!

Fall in love

Everyone I know who stuck with it and learned how to dance, ended up falling in love with it. Kind comments and feedback such as “thank you for opening me up to this” or “I feel so free and light after your class” are just a few things that my students have shared with me. Why? Because dancing is the gift that keeps on giving. Getting lost in the music and putting life on hold for even just a wee while is … soooo good, freeing and exhilirating. And best of all, you end up having a good workout too!

Allow yourself to fall in love with dancing and discover what your body can do. Pluck up, summon up, gather up and muster up the courage to sign up for your first class with me and I promise you I will help you find that courage on the dance floor. Throw in some smiles and good vibes that last for days, it's the perfect first step to discovering what surprises your body has in store for you, so what are you waiting for?!

Connect to that inner superhero and dare to shake it on the dance floor!

Until next time,

Cordi x

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