How Curiosity and Creativity can turn you from Robot Zombie to Happy

Updated: 3 days ago

When you try to make a guitar string vibrate to create sound but restrict it too much from swinging there will be no sound. The very same thing holds true for me. All elements have their own frequency and resonate even with our bodies. Every cell within the body is a sound resonator. If my day is stuffed with too many tasks, especially boring and annoying ones. I turn into a dull zombie, running from place to place working off my to-do list feeling like a robot. We all have days like this.

© Copyright 2020 Artwork by Cordi Neckermann

When I put too much pressure on myself or don’t get enough resting time everything feels out of step. It’s like mind, body and heart play a different song and get louder and louder because they are not heard. Body aches and pains appear out of nowhere, thoughts spin out of control and my mood turns sour. Low vibes all around. The going gets tough because everything feels tightened up. Things screech when they are supposed to be moving forward at lightning speed.

This even happens sometimes over things I love doing. When there are too many have-to-dos and no time to actually enjoy it all I turn into a dull nut. Without enough rest and playtime life just seems to rush by. while I turn into lifeless and dull zombies.

You might think playtime is just for kids but I believe we can all do with a bit more of that in our life. Everyone needs a break here and there. What matters is the quality of our break times. Plopping down in front of the TV never really feels like a break to me. Watching TV puts even more worry and drama into my head feeding me more low vibrations.

So what is it that can get us out of this over-stressed and dull state? I find it’s curiosity. Curiosity is definitely a superpower and a sort of prequel to creativity. I believe living creatively is the key to a lighter, less restricted approach to life. By living creatively I don’t mean starting a creative hobby but allowing creative and unconventional solutions into your life so you can enjoy it more. Let’s face it as grown-ups we pretty much roll with things. We do a job, earn some money, have relationships, a phone, kids, and pets, and every week is pretty much the same. with a few holiday highlights thrown in. If you are nodding your head now it is time to bring out your curiosity superpower!