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The other kind of holiday sketchbook

© Copyright 2022 Artwork by Cordi Neckermann

When I go on holiday it is usually with the entire family and most of the time visiting more family. Especially in the summer holidays there is always lots of fun and action. Swimming, grilling and enjoying the sunshine with family and friends. Sitting down with a sketchbook and drawing the view or the slice of delicious cake with the perfect cappuccino is really hard to squeeze in for me.

Make it a memory

So I started this habit of taking lots of pictures on holiday and keeping a special album on my phone called Inspiration. I save all the photos that I want to turn into a special memory into that folder. When I get back from the trip I sit down with that slice of cake and cup of coffee and use these photos to create my holiday sketchbook pages.

Not only photos

Keeping a holiday sketchbook gives me the opportunity to record things that I can’t take pictures of. When I do get some down time on vacation I spend it reading in the sunshine. I love including the characters and worlds of the books and comic books I read on holiday in my sketchbook so when I look back over the pages I can literally feel the full memory bubbling up. Drawing everything, form all the action, beautiful views, food, friends and family to my individual experiences lets me relive my favourite time of the year in the most beautiful way.

Sketchbooking versus Scrapbooking

I used to keep a scrap book of all our holidays with photos ticket stubs, menus and the little bits and pieces that you are let with after a good holiday. I even pressed some flowers once to include in my scrapbook. When I got more into drawing I realised that taking the time to create a sketchbook page from the feelings, inspiration and reference photos anchored the memory even deeper through the drawing process. It felt like translating the unseen into a visual format with my own language.

Can you guess what I was reading?

Drawing magic

Drawing from life or just doodling in my sketchbook, shifting into drawing mode feels like stepping into a different world for me. Expressing and creating through forms and lines instead of words and sentences feels like entering a different world and always puts me into the beautiful flow state where time disappears.

Almost like magic!

Drawing is easier than you think. Grab a piece of that magic and draw some fun stuff with me over on my YouTube channel.

Your new hobby is only one click away! Find me on Instagram and Facebook at CordiCreativity and share your sketchbook creations.

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