The 5 Major Muscles you strengthen in a Dance Fitness class

Updated: Apr 1

...and why they will make you feel and look great!

Feeling and looking great always go hand in hand. If we feel great we look great and if we look great we feel great. No matter what your shape or size a strong body with strong muscles is empowering. Dancing is a full body workout but there are a couple of muscles that you are working in a Dance Fitness class that have some sweet effects on your body and overall well being.

Just to be super clear. I am NOT saying we all need to look like super models. Humans come in all shapes and sizes and they are all beautiful. In my case: I’m the opposite of tall with short legs and a bit of a jiggly belly. Strengthening my muscles helped me appreciate my body and feel happy and grateful in it. Being 43 years old and after having two kids I can now say I feel and look healthier than ever.

So without further ado, here are the muscles that will make you feel and look like a star.

Shaping the behind

The muscles that shape our lovely behinds are known as the glutes. They are a group of three muscles and are responsible for rotating our thighs outward. When we squat, and there is quite a bit of squatting in dance fitness, we work the glutes by keeping our knees over our turned out toes. The stronger our glutes get the better they shape that lovely behind. And mind you, all buns are good buns!

Getting to the core

Strong core muscles are probably the most sought after right after the glutes. Nice abs don’t just look good in a bathing suit but also prevent lower back pain. In dance fitness the core muscles get worked in a not so obvious ways. We don’t do crunches but they get worked nevertheless. When we are ready to copy the moves of the instructor in a dance fitness class we are much more alert and ready to pounce with our entire body then usual We are more connected to our core muscles and start our movements from the centre of the body stabilising our body to ready to move.

Instead of crunches the movements that create strong abs are all the hip movements. They will not give us a hard six pack but lovely and toned muscles all around your abdomen because those hips shimmy in every direction when we dance.

Going Strapless

Toned shoulders and arms are a timeless accessory no matter what fashion dictates. But they do look especially sensual in a strapless top or dress. Luckily in dance fitness we keep our arms moving and on many occasions keep them over our shoulder line. Wave them in the air like we just don’t care. This movement strengthens the muscles in our shoulders and arms. A Strong shoulder girdles does not only make our shoulders look nice and toned but can also contributes to good posture and less neck pain.

Thighs anyone?

Strong and well shaped thighs look good in any type of jeans. In dance fitness those legs get worked for sure. Jumping, squatting on both legs or one leg at a time will make your thighs burn. But not just the thighs will feel the burn, the muscles around your knees and ankles get to work as well. It’s not obvious to see at first sight how this can compliment an amazing outfit. But moving from one foot to the other, shimming and bouncing at the same time increases our sense of balance by challenging our leg muscles to keep us from falling over. This comes in handy when you feel like spending a night out dancing in amazing heels matching your strapless dress.

Fake it till you make it

You thought we don’t have a muscle for faking it? Oh, yes we do. Our posture speaks usually louder than our words. Posture and confidence are closely related. In order to be alert and quickly follow along with the moves, our body needs to be aligned and upright. This engages the muscles along our spine and as mentioned above our core muscles.

Maintaining a good posture at all times might just come in handy when you need to hide the flaw of not mastering a skill 100%. Looking relax and confident on the top while your legs are in a knot is not just a skill that is useful on the dance floor but also in life.

Dancing as a workout will not leave you with hulk-like bulky muscles but create long, lean and strong muscles that bring out the best and most beautiful you. Strong muscles will accentuate the natural beauty of your body without any tricks or illusions.

And on a little side note. Dance fitness does not only boost your muscle strength and cardio but also your mood and a smile on your face is so much more beautiful than any make up or cosmetics could ever achieve.

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